It's Coming... And We Need Your Help

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My new line is launching soon and we are trying to get some cuties lined up for a photo shoot! If you live in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and have littles between the ages of 3 months and 3 years... this is the shoot for you. The shoot will take place at our studio in Lake Highlands from 10am - 2pm. 
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It's gonna be a party with music, balloons and snacks too because we want your littles to have fun. The best part... you get a link to all the photos via SmugMug, where you can order really inexpensive prints for your whole family if you so desire. It's the perfect Father's Day gift. Will you and your littles come party with us? Email me for the address! xo

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: In Honor of Earth Day

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In honor of yesterday's beautiful holiday, I thought I'd share a few crafts that I found on Instagram and elsewhere that have inspired me to extend the holiday just one more day.

The ever resourceful Dear Pomegranates, of Resolve House, made leaf art and killer toilet paper roll bracelets with her littles. (seen above) And while browsing Resolve House (because until now I've only known her thru IG), I found her amazing stick advent from Christmas. This got me thinking about stick mobiles... which led me to Playful Learning and some gorgeous painted stick mobiles with beads and tassels. Love. And this post on how to bring nature into your littles' craft boxes is so good.

It's officially official. My youngest and I are going on a long nature walk in the morning, with tote bags in hand. Happy nature crafting. xo

Happy Earth Day

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In the beginning... God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1. I try my best to honor this amazing planet by recycling, limiting water and energy consumption where possible, picking up random trash every single time I see it (seriously? why can't people pick up after themselves? geeze.) and teaching my children to do the same. I know it's not nearly enough. It saddens me how we rape and pillage the land we have been asked to steward and protect. Today I hope to learn one new way that I can be a better steward of our home, Earth.
What will you do? How will you celebrate this day? Will you share it with your children in hopes of teaching future generations about this awesome responsibility? Here's a link to some fun crafts you can do with your littles today while you teach them about Earth Day. xo

all images from the late great fox in the pine

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Easter Jars

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From salsa jars to Easter jars, I had no idea this project would be so easy... I know, you've seen it a million times on Pinterest, Martha Stewart and everything in between, but man is this project easy and cute. All you need is some empty jars, a few plastic animals from the dollar store and spray paint. Oh, and the ever faithful hot glue gun. How could I forget that?

Simply wash out your jars (remove any labels), hot glue the animals onto your lids and spray paint. I chose 2 sheep and a donkey for Easter...  in honor of The Good Shepherd.
You could fill these jars with anything! My little jars will be in lieu of baskets this year, hence the candy. For the bunny on my bigger jar, I took some left over balsa wood pieces and made a bunny. Once I hot-glued the ears, I wrapped it in yarn. I think it would also be fun to paint it white and turn it into Miffy. (Maybe I'll make that tomorrow, making the ears stand a bit more upright.)
Y'all this project was so fun and easy. I did it in less than an hour - drying time and all.  And when my boys saw them they went nuts! Even the hubs commented. Whoa! That is serious stuff right there and all of it cost me less than $2.00, candy excluded. Hoppy Easter. xo

Around the House: Making Room

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Monday again, which sucks because yesterday pretty much felt like a Monday too. No bueno. It's one of those days where you were so busy the day before that you end up sending your children to school with cold hotdogs, no bread, and actually feel good about it because, "at least it was a hotdog with zero nitrates." Please tell me you've been there.

Yesterday was rainy and gross, so instead of going to the grocery store, I opted for finally (said with a deep sigh and eye rolling) cleaned out the spare room upstairs. It had remained our dumping ground for all things we didn't quite need to unpack yet... scrapbooks, photo albums, old tax documents, etc. You can see why they remained unpacked and really low on the totem-pole of my "to do" list. But I am overjoyed for the reason we suddenly needed to tackle said dumping ground. We are turning it into a sewing studio. I told you guys we are working on something really exciting and this is part of it. Now I just have to decide on the layout and other essentials. Desk against the wall? Floating? Rug? No rug? Storage? Displays? Inspiration Boards?
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It's all so very exciting. Here's the kicker...I'm trying to get this studio up and running, while spending zero dollars. Think I can do it? xo
top image via solid frog
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